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Supplier Diversity

The Registration Process:

If you meet the qualifications for a diverse business enterprise and would like to register your company with the Supplier Diversity program at Acelity:
  • For registration or inquiries into the supplier diversity, please send an email to: supplierdiversity@acelity.com.
  • Completion and submission do not guarantee your status as a preferred Acelity supplier. Your company will be entered into the supplier diversity database for further consideration based on supplier qualifications and internal business owner needs.

Our Commitment

Acelity recognizes the importance of supplier diversity and is committed to ensuring it is an integral part of our strategic sourcing and procurement processes. We believe the success of the organization and society depends on enabling suppliers to share in the world’s economic growth. Our commitment is to maximize the participation of all diversity supplier enterprises through the development of mutually beneficial business relationships.

Acelity Supplier Diversity Policy Statement

Acelity actively pursues business relationships with Diverse Suppliers and utilizes innovative approaches to establish new, develop existing and improve current and future business opportunities.

Opportunities for Diverse Suppliers

At Acelity, we are actively seeking highly qualified suppliers to provide business opportunities in the following categories:
  • Misc Goods/ Services including Office Supplies
  • Fleet Management Services
  • Temporary Personnel Services
  • Global Travel Services
  • IT Software & Hardware
  • Facilities Services
  • R & D Services
  • Travel /Transportation Services

Diverse Supplier Qualifications

To qualify as a diverse supplier you must be a business that is at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by a U.S. citizen, located in the United States or one of its trust territories and identified as Ethnic Minority, Women, Veteran or Disabled Veteran (must have proof of military service), or Small Business Enterprises must meet the numerical size standards as defined in the Small Business Size Regulations. Reference the SBA North American Industry Classification System Codes (NAICS) Standard.
Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required

1. Supplier Information

Principal Contact

Contact Number

Fax Number

Cell Number

2. Company Information

Type of Corporation

Service Area

3. Work Experience References

4. Status (Check all that apply)

*Minority-owned business

Business Category

Have you been certified by a federal, state, municipal government or any local/regional Business Council?

This certifies that I have answered accurately, to the best of my knowledge and the company classification (s) selected are true and correct. I understand that submission of this document does not imply a contract, does not guarantee that a contracutal engagement would exist between the parties, or guarantee request for bid on work for KCI USA, Inc., or affiliates.

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