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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Technology

The information on this page is intended for healthcare professionals. Patient-specific information is available in the “Patients” section of this site. Patients should consult a healthcare professional regarding specific medical conditions and treatments.

V.A.C.® Therapy for Wounds

Since its introduction in 1995 in the US,
V.A.C.® Therapy has changed the way wounds are managed. With more published clinical evidence than any other form of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, V.A.C.® Therapy has been selected as the treatment of choice for more than 10 million wounds worldwide.*
*Data on file at KCI.

V.A.C.® Therapy Mechanisms of Action

V.A.C.® Therapy creates an environment that promotes wound healing by delivering negative pressure (a vacuum) at the wound site through a proprietary foam dressing, drawing the wound edges together, removing infectious materials, reducing edema, and promoting granulation tissue formation.
When sealed and placed under negative pressure, the dressing conforms to the wound bed.

Proprietary SENSAT.R.A.C.™ Technology

With the use of patented SENSAT.R.A.C.™ Technology, V.A.C.® Therapy Systems are designed to accurately deliver the selected negative pressure at the wound site for optimal healing.

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