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SENSAT.R.A.C.™ Technology

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Not all Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Devices Are the Same

SENSAT.R.A.C.™ Technology: a proprietary technology that maintains and adjusts to deliver set pressure at the wound site.

Proprietary Technology That Makes V.A.C.® Therapy the Only NPWT Device Engineered to Monitor Any Changes in Pressure at the Wound Site

  • Engineered to maintain selected pressure 
  • Utilizes 5 lumens to remove exudates effectively
  • Maintains and monitors pressure through 4 outer lumens
  • Remove exudates through 1 inner lumen
  • Provides real-time pressure feedback
  • Adjusts and monitors pressure at the wound site
  • Alerts clinicians through an alarm when a blockage is detected
  • Triggers positive blast of air through outer lumens approximately every 5 minutes to help reduce blockages
  • Helps maintain consistent environment for fluid removal


  • Forces positive air periodically through outer lumen to aid in the prevention and clearance of blockages
  • Helps to clear fluid from outer lumens to maintain their pressure sensing ability
  • Helps to clear fluid in inner lumen that is not being pulled up (typically because of a blockage)


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