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CELLUTOME™ Epidermal Harvesting System

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CELLUTOME™ Control Unit
CELLUTOME™ Control Unit
CELLUTOME™ Control Unit Stand
CELLUTOME™ Control Unit Stand
CELLUTOME™ Unit & Harvester
CELLUTOME™ Unit & Harvester
CELLUTOME™ Harvester
CELLUTOME™ Harvester

Intended to Reproducibly Harvest a Thin Skin Graft for Autologous Skin Grafting

The CELLUTOME™ System can be easily integrated into existing clinical practice.
  • Automated, precise and reproducible process
  • Minimal pain and donor-site trauma
  • Comprehensive training from a company representative in less than one hour
  • Can be performed by any suitably trained physician


Automated, Uniform Process

The harvesting procedure is precise and reproducible, raising uniform microdomes.

Effective Harvesting Procedure

The CELLUTOME™ System effectively harvests the donor-site epidermis down to the basal layer, including basal keratinocytes and melanocytes.
The microdomes harvested contain undamaged tissue for grafting to a recipient site.

Minimal Impact on Patient Experience

  • Minimal pain and donor-site trauma, with no need for anesthesia
  • Donor site typically heals completely within 2-3 weeks

How it Works

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A simple process, a single procedure

The development of the suction microdomes and the harvesting of the epidermal micrografts are automated, eliminating the need for physician handling of the grafts and resulting in proper graft orientation and simplified application. The dressing is used to secure the epidermal micrografts placed on the recipient site from the donor site.
  • Control Unit
  • Reusable component of the system
  • Creates and regulates the suction (negative pressure: ‑400 to ‑500mmHg) and warming (37°C to 41°C) required to raise the epidermal microdomes
  • Vacuum Head
  • Reusable component of the system
  • Delivers the negative pressure and warming from the Control Unit to the Harvester
  • Harvester
  • Disposable component of the system which contains the cutting blade
  • Provides the structure for formation of the microdomes
  • After insertion of an ADAPTIC TOUCH™ or 3M™ Tegaderm™ Dressing, microdomes are harvested into micrografts
  • Extension Strap
  • 3M™ Tegaderm™ Film or ADAPTIC TOUCH  Non-Adhering Silicone Dressing
  • Stand
3M and Tegaderm are trademarks of 3M


Dimensions                               : 5.7"W x 3.7"H x 6"D
Weight                                      : ~0.2lbs
Vacuum Head
Dimensions                               : 5.5"W x 3.9"H x 1.3"D
Weight                                      : ~0.6lbs
Control Unit
Dimensions                               : 10.6"W x 9.3"H x 9.4"D
Weight                                      : ~7.3lbs
Internal Power Supply Input    : 100-240V AC 3.2A 50/60Hz
Internal Power Supply Output : 24 VDC, 10.4A

Indications & Applications

Indications & Applications

  • Indications

Indications for Use

Before use, physicians should review complete risk information and essential prescribing information which can be found in the Instructions for Use
The CELLUTOME™ Epidermal Harvesting System is intended to reproducibly cut a thin skin graft for autologous skin grafting.


Epidermal harvesting
The Harvester is positioned onto the donor site, and a combination of gentle warmth and negative pressure is used to raise epidermal microdomes.
Graft acquisition
The microdomes are harvested and then secured on a 3M™ Tegaderm™ or ADAPTIC TOUCH™ dressing.
Application to the recipient site
The microdomes are placed directly onto the recipient site.

Evidence & Outcomes

At-a-glance summary of evidence and outcomes

Clinical Evidence

Additional summary of evidence and outcomes.

Evidence & Outcomes

Evidence & Outcomes

Title Study Type Date Authors
Use of a novel epidermal harvesting system in resource-poor countries
Case series
Serena T et al.
Epidermal Grafting Using a Novel Suction Blister-Harvesting System for the Treatment of Pyoderma Gangrenosum
Case series
Richmond et al.
An automated and minimally invasive tool for generating autologous viable epidermal micrografts
Non comparative clinical study
Osborne et al.
Epidermal Micrografts Produced via an Automated and Minimally Invasive Tool Form at the Dermal/Epidermal Junction and Contain Proliferative Cells That Secrete Wound Healing Growth Factors
Non comparative clinical study
Osborne et al.


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Product Codes

Product Product Code Ordering Option
CELLUTOME™ Control Unit and Vacuum Head
Epidermal harvesting pump system
1 Unit
CELLUTOME™ Control Unit Stand
Wheeled stand with basket designed specifically for the CELLUTOME™ Unit
1 Unit
CELLUTOME™ Harvester
Single-patient use 2.5 x 2.5cm harvester
Case of 5
CELLUTOME™ Harvester
Single-patient use 5 x 5cm harvester
Case of 5
CELLUTOME™ Extension Strap
Reusable 38" harvester extension strap
Case of 5
ADAPTIC TOUCH™ Non-Adhering Silicone Dressing
Single-patient use non-adherent dressing (2” x 3")
Case of 50
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