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ABTHERA™ Open Abdomen Dressing

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ABTHERA™ Open Abdomen Dressing
ABTHERA™ Open Abdomen Dressing

Take Control Early with Your Next Challenging Open Abdomen

ABTHERA Open Abdomen Dressing, when used with the ABTHERA™ Therapy Unit, forms a temporary abdominal closure system that helps surgeons take control early when managing a challenging open abdomen and helps achieve primary fascial closure.
ABTHERA Open Abdomen Dressing is designed to:
  • Actively remove fluid and helps reduce edema12
  • Provide medial tension, which helps minimize fascial retraction and loss of domain234
  • Help protect abdominal contents from external environment
  • Provide separation between the abdominal wall and viscera, protecting abdominal contents
  • Allows for rapid access for re-entry and does not require sutures for placement
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Before use, physicians should review complete risk information and essential prescribing information which can be found in the Product Instructions for Use .

To order any of the products listed below, please visit KCI Express® or call +1 800-275-4524.

ABTHERA™ Open Abdomen Dressing

(1) ABTHERA™ Fenestrated Visceral Layer
(2) ABTHERA™ Perforated Foam
(4) Drapes
(1) ABTHERA™ Open Abdomen Tubing set
Ordering Option Product Code
Case of 5

ABTHERA™ Therapy Unit

Therapy unit with power cord
Ordering Option Product Code
1 Therapy Unit

ABTHERA™ Canister

1,000ml canister
Ordering Option Product Code
Case of 20

ABTHERA™ Open Abdomen Tubing Set

Standalone tubing set, specifically designed for the ABTHERA™ System
Ordering Option Product Code
Case of 5

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