Bob's Story

Learn how the V.A.C.VIA™ Therapy System helped Dr. Bob O'Connor return to teaching.



In the summer of 2010, Dr. O'Connor, a college professor at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas, fell off a retaining wall and split open his shin, requiring eight stitches. After the stitches became infected, he was admitted to the hospital where he remained for one week. At that time, Dr. O'Connor's physician placed a V.A.C.® Therapy System on the wound to reduce the infection and start the healing process. After being discharged, Dr. O'Connor was placed on the V.A.C.VIA™ Therapy System, which enabled him to "do what I needed to do while I was still healing." After five days of therapy, the V.A.C.VIA™ Therapy System was removed and Dr. O'Connor was able to return to the classroom.


This video depicts one patient's results with the V.A.C.VIA™ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System. Results and outcomes should not be interpreted as a guarantee or warranty of similar results. Individual results may vary depending on the patient's circumstances and condition.


Important Note: Only your physician can diagnose and appropriately treat your condition. Ask your doctor about the risks and benefits of V.A.C.® Therapy and whether it is right for you.