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Following surgery, your doctor may choose PREVENA™ Therapy to manage and protect your surgical incision.

Meet Your PREVENA™ System

During surgery, your doctor made a cut through the skin and tissue of your body, and then closed the incision with surgical stitches, staples or a combination of these methods.

Depending on the size, location or other factors related to your surgical incision, your doctor has chosen either the PREVENA™ PEEL & PLACE™ System or the PREVENA PLUS™ System. Both systems provide the same therapy and protective benefits to manage your surgical incision.

Your PREVENA™ System uses negative pressure - like a vacuum - to help protect and heal your incision at the skin surface as well as below. The PREVENA™ System can be used on different incision types. Your incision  size and location may vary from what is shown in the above image.

The PREVENA™ System plays a key role in your recovery by:

What to expect

If your doctor prescribes PREVENA™ Therapy, the adhesive PREVENA™ Dressing is placed over the surgical incision following surgery. The dressing is attached by tubing to a powered therapy unit that provides negative pressure to the incision area, like the suction of a vacuum.
The PREVENA™ System may be worn for up to 7 days, according to your doctor’s instructions.

The PREVENA™ System includes:

  • A therapy unit that provides negative pressure to the dressing
  • A dressing with a water resistant cover that is placed over your incision
  • A connection tube
  • A canister where incision fluid is collected
  • A battery charger (The PREVENA PLUS™ Therapy Unit has a rechargeable battery)
  • A carrying case with adjustable straps

How to wear the PREVENA™ Therapy Unit

The portable unit should always be kept on for the time your doctor has instructed, including while sleeping and showering (if cleared by your doctor). The unit can be worn under your clothing and includes a carrying case with adjustable straps you can use multiple ways.
Talk to your doctor about how PREVENA ™ Therapy can help protect and manage your incision.


How long do I keep PREVENA™ Therapy on my incision?
  • Wear the system for as long as your doctor has ordered. The therapy unit will turn off automatically at 7 days.

Will my incision dressing need to be changed?
  • The dressing is not typically changed. Follow your doctor’s instructions.
What happens if my PREVENA™ System alarms?
  • The therapy unit has alarms that you can see and hear to alert you of a potential issue such as a low battery or air leak. In most cases the issue is easily resolved. Refer to the PREVENA™ Therapy Patient Guide or call ACELITY at 800-275-4524 if you have questions.
Where do I get more information?
  • Your PREVENA™ Therapy Patient Guide has more complete safety information and details on how to use your PREVENA™ Therapy.  For answers to more questions, call Acelity at 800-275-4524 to speak with a PREVENA™ Therapy specialist.
  • Contact your doctor with any medical questions. In the case of an emergency, call your local medical resource (i.e. 911).
It is important that you discuss the potential benefits and risks of any specific therapy with your doctor to decide whether it is right for you.
Please consult your treating medical professional regarding specific questions and important information related to PREVENA™ System uses, safety information and operation.
NOTE: The PREVENA™ System can be used on different incision types. Your incision size and location may vary from what is shown in the image.

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