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The TOUCHLESS CARE™ Spray Difference

TOUCHLESS CARE™ Sprays products are designed with advanced concentrated formulas that optimize the therapeutic effect1, and help maintain moisture balance.2 These formulations allow for the convenience of a spray application that eliminates the need to rub irritated, denuded skin.

Zinc Oxide Protectant Spray:

For Management and Treatment of Weepy & Denuded Skin

  • Multipurpose skin care treatment with 25% Zinc Oxide and 20% Dimethicon
  • High percentage of Silicone allows the skin to breathe and keeps skin lubricated to minimize friction and facilitate clean-up
  • CHG compatible3

Clear Protectant Spray:

For Everyday Protection

  • Non-Zinc Oxide formula to help protect skin and prevent irritation with 25% Petrolatum and 20% Dimethicone
  • CHG compatible3

Antifungal Spray:

For Antifungal Care

  • Antifungal formula to treat and protect skin folds, feet, and perineal area with 2% Miconizole Nitrate, 10% Zinc Oxide and 10% Dimethicone
  • CHG compatible3


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Specific indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and safety information exist for KCI products and therapies. Healthcare providers should review the product User Manual, Safety Information and/or Instructions for Use prior to application.

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