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PROMOGRAN™ Matrix Wound Dressing & PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Matrix
• U.S. Pat. Nos.: 6,309,454; and 8,461,410
ABTHERA™ Open Abdomen Dressing, ABTHERA™ SENSAT.R.A.C.™ Open Abdomen Dressing, & ABTHERA ADVANCE™ Open Abdomen Dressing
• U.S. Pat. Nos.: 8,192,409; 9,289,327; 8,246,606; 9,314,555; 9,226,737; 9,301,742; and 9,421,132
• U.S. Pat. Pub. Nos.: 2016/0287765; 2015/0150729; and 2016/0022885
*The patents listed above are owned by or licensed to KCI Licensing, Inc., KCI USA, Inc., Systagenix Wound Management Ltd., and/or their affiliates.*