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  • Products Eligible for Recycling

    The following single-patient NPWT products are currently available for recycling through Acelity.

    V.A.C.VIA™ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System
    The V.A.C.VIA™ System streamlines access to Negative Pressure Wound Therapy into a purchased single-use, portable, discreet device that provides 7 days of V.A.C.® Therapy.

    Device Disposal: At the end of therapy, follow local institutional protocols for infection control and waste disposal procedures for dressings and canisters. Local protocols for the disposal of the V.A.C.VIA™ System should be based on applicable federal, state and/or local government environmental regulations for recycling electronic devices.

    PREVENA™ Incision Management System
    The first powered negative pressure product designed specifically for management of closed surgical incisions. The PREVENA™ Incision Management System covers and protects the incision from external infectious sources, while negative pressure removes fluid and infectious material from the surgical incision.
    Device Disposal: Follow local institutional protocols for infection control and waste disposal procedures. Local protocols should be based on the applicable local government environmental regulations.

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