6.5 Million Patients

Affected By Chronic Wounds in The U.S.

Costing $50 Billion Annually1

Why Health Plans Should Reconsider
Wound Care Treatment...


Chronic wounds represent a large and growing threat to public health. As the population ages, that burden will increase - made worse by rising healthcare costs and the growing incidences of diabetes and obesity.2





Chronic wound are costly

The cost for chronic wound care in the U.S. is more than 10x the cost of U.S. single-year readmissions.6


Wounds are a common problem:

  • ~15% of U.S. Patients Discharged Have Wounds5
  • ~975k people impacted by Stage III/IV Pressure Injuries6
  • ~900k Diabetic foot ulcers annually7

Diabetic Foot Ulcers7

For patients diagnosed with diabetes melitus the lifetime risk of developing a foot ulcer may be as high as 25%. DFU’s have resulted in:


  • 109% more ED visits
  • 173.5% more IP days
  • 2/3 of DFU cost is inpatient stay
  • 50%5yr. Diabetic Amputation Mortality

Compliance at Home

The World Health Organization Estimates 50% of those living with chronic illness are non-compliant.8



Patients want Communication:

  • 27% of ER visits could be treated by retail or non-urgent clinics.10
  • ~975k people impacted by Stage III/IV Pressure Injuries6
  • 19% increased risk of non-compliance from poor communication.11

The Solution:
Proven Clinical and Economic Results

Clinical Results

In a randomized controlled trial (RCT) (V.A.C.® Therapy: n=169, AMWT: n=166), V.A.C.® Therapy resulted in a significantly greater proportion of foot ulcers achieving complete closure and fewer amputations at 112 days compared to advanced moist wound therapy (AMWT).9




Economic Results

Optum™ LifeSciences case study: A comparison of health care costs and hospital readmission rates associated with Negative Pressure Wound Therapies U.S. claims data were analyzed by Optum™ LifeSciences for over 15,000 patients with at least one NPWT claim in the post-acute setting to identify total cost of care for KCI V.A.C.® Therapy vs. Competitor NPWT patients. 10




Patient Adherence:11

Active Monitoring In 2017, KCI provided iOn PROGRESS™ Remote Therapy Monitoring to > 1,200 patients in different geographies across the US. Here's what happend:





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