KERRAMAX CARE™ Super-Absorbent Dressing

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KERRAMAX CARE™ Super-Absorbent Dressing for improving patient care

KERRAMAX CARE™ Super-Absorbent Dressing’s wicking action absorbs potentially unhealthy exudate and locks it inside the dressing, so it doesn’t leak or drip1. The absorption capacity reduces dressing changes with less wound disturbance and improves patient comfort, as the dressing stays dry to the touch preventing maceration and surrounding skin problems2. KERRAMAX CARE™ Super-Absorbent Dressing is suitable for use under all forms of compression.

The KERRAMAX CARE™ Dressings
 range is available as an adhesive and a non-adhesive dressing in a variety of shapes and sizes, both offer: 

  • Soft, nonwoven material helps to provide improved comfort for the patient, along with excellent transpiration
  • Unique horizontal wicking layer effectively increases capacity by distributing exudate throughout the dressing
  • Super-absorbent core locks exudate in so the dressing remains dry to the touch, improving comfort and facilitating healing
  • Heat-sealed border prevents leakage from the dressing so that the patient remains clean and comfortable for a longer period.  Adhesive free.

Available on the adhesive variant:

  • Acrylic Adhesive border ensures the dressing remains in place 

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