KERRACEL™ Ag Gelling Fiber Dressing

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KERRACEL™ Ag Gelling Fiber Dressing

KERRACEL™ Ag Gelling Fiber Dressing is the only gelling with ag oxysalts™ (ag3+), providing up to 6 times more power than traditional silvers (ag1+) to reduce the barriers that create a hostile wound environment*,1:

  • Kills bacteria within a biofilm and prevents biofilm re-formation*,2
  • Quickly kills at least 99.999% (5 log) of a broad spectrum of bacteria*,3,4
  • Reduces InflammationϮ and the associated H202* that can cause tissue damage and support microbial growth.5
  • Produces oxygen which may create an elevated oxygen environment.*,5

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* In vitro
Ϯ In vivo