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Educational Grants

The information on this page is intended for healthcare professionals. Patient-specific information is available in the “Patients” section of this site. Patients should consult a healthcare professional regarding specific medical conditions and treatments.

Apply for Educational Grants and Product Donations
Please note that Acelity considers many factors. The following are Acelity minimum requirements for educational grants, fellowships and product donation request consideration. Grant requests that do not meet these minimum requirements will not be considered for funding by the Acelity Grants & Donations Committee.
Minimum eligibility requirements for Educational Grants:
  • Requesting organization must be an academic institution, hospital, accredited provider, professional society, medical association, or patient advocacy group in the United States or Canada.
  • Requesting organization must independently control and be responsible for selection of program content, faculty, attending HCPs who are in training, educational methods and materials.
  • Funding must support bona fide educational initiatives and involve a scientific exchange of information, including teaching labs, with a medical focus on HCP and/or patient education.
  • For fellowship requests, requesting organization must have a bona fide fellowship committee or similar selection organization or process. Funding must commensurate with the activities to be performed by the fellow.
The following factors are also considered by Acelity when reviewing a grant request:
  • Whether the program's target audience practices in a Acelity area of interest.
  • The number of HCPs that will receive valuable education or training through the subject program.
  • The quality and relevance of the program (including consideration of faculty, facilities, and agenda).
  • The extent to which Acelity recently contributed to the requesting organization.
  • The overall geographic distribution of Acelity grants.
Minimum eligibility requirements for Product Donations:
  • Requesting organization must be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code or equivalents outside USA.
  • Product donations must be provided for indigent patient care, humanitarian trips and medical education training purposes.
Acelity’s support of Unrestricted Educational Grants indicates that Acelity will not have control over the content of the educational programs. However, Acelity does not provide unrestricted funds. The purpose for the grant must be designated in the grant application and program detail and that designated purpose is the only one for which the grant funds may be used.
Some examples of grant requests that Acelity will not support include:
  • Requests directly or indirectly conditioned on the requesting organization's agreement to purchase, lease, recommend, use or arrange for the purchase or lease of, or prescription of, Acelity products.
  • Requests where there is evidence of unduly influencing the decision of whether a particular institution will receive a grant or the amount of such grant by a member of Acelity.
  • Requests from individual HCPs, physician practices or patients; or in the name of an individual HCP or to an organization of an HCPs choice.
  • Requests to reimburse registration, seminar fees, or travel expenses of an HCPs attendance at a third-party educational conference.
  • Requests from organizations listed on the Office of Inspector General's List of Excluded Individual/Entities (OIG LEIE) or the General Services Administration Excluded Parties List System (GSA EPLS).
Acelity will also not provide educational grant funding for:
  • Requests involving funding for golf tournaments, outings, gala dinners, capital campaigns (i.e. building funds/endowment), multi-year commitments, religious organizations that do not serve the general public on a nondenominational basis; or of a political nature or from fraternal and athletic groups.
  • Requests for normal organizational overhead (i.e. purchase of computer equipment, staff training).
No. The grant funding process is very competitive. Each grant is evaluated on its individual merit relative to other grant requests. Please do not consider any request approved until you have received written documentation from Acelity approving your grant request.
Acelity will only accept educational grants and product donation requests that are received via the online request form or through the company’s dedicated grant e-mail inbox professional.affairs@acelity.comRequests for programs or events that have already occurred or that are not submitted at least forty-five (45) days prior to when the desired funding is needed cannot be accepted.
Before submitting an educational grant or a charitable donation request, you should become familiar with Acelity Grant Guidelines and consider how your program fits within these guidelines.
  • Prepare your grant request in writing on organization's letterhead.
  • Your written grant request must include:
    • For educational grants:
      • Organization's name and mailing address.
      • Contact name representing the organization, including their title, e-mail address and phone number.
      • Date and location of the meeting
      • Amount of support requested
      • Description of the event
      • Non-profit status / Tax ID number
      • Attendees and approximate number
      • W-9
    • For product donation requests:
      • Name of Acelity product requested
      • Number of units/devices and disposables
      • Description of request, location, date, etc
      • Non-Profit status/Tax ID number
  • Along with your written request, you are also required to submit any other supporting documentation that may help facilitate the review of your grant request, such as a program or event agenda and a detailed line item budget.
  • Send your written request and supporting documentation online or via email to professional.affairs@acelity.com
Grant requests submitted with the required documentation will be reviewed by Acelity's Grants & Donations Committee as quickly as possible and within thirty (30) days from the date the complete required information was received. If a review was not completed the requestor will receive a notification within this time frame. Acelity's Grants & Donations Committee has the sole authority to approve grant requests.

All organizations will receive a decision notification in writing, within seven (7) business days of final committee review. Please do not consider any request approved until you have received written documentation from Acelity's Grants & Donations Committee approving your grant request.
You may check the status of your grant request or payment by sending an e-mail to professional.affairs@Acelity.com
The Physician Payment Sunshine Act ("Sunshine Act") requires pharmaceutical, medical device, biological and medical supply manufacturers to report to the Department of Health and Human Services, any "payment or other transfer of value" to U.S. Physicians and Teaching Hospitals. These transfers of value include grants. Acelity will track and report all grant funding as required by the Sunshine Act.
Please send any additional questions to professional.affairs@acelity.com


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