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History & Innovation

The information on this page is intended for healthcare professionals. Patient-specific information is available in the “Patients” section of this site. Patients should consult a healthcare professional regarding specific medical conditions and treatments.

Innovation Has Been Integral To Us For More Than 50 Years

Our research and development efforts are grounded in fundamental science in a wide variety of disciplines – from immunology to biomechanics. Together, these have enabled us to make significant breakthroughs in advanced wound care. Our people make us different. All of us – scientists, engineers and technical teams – are dedicated to advancing the science of healing. We do much of this work at our Research and Development sites in the US (Texas) and in the UK (Dorset and Yorkshire).

Global Partnerships

We complement our own knowledge and expertise through collaborations with academics and clinicians around the world. Such partnerships with the global medical community enable us to characterize unmet clinical needs and to devise solutions to address these challenges. Then, we further test our solutions through extensive preclinical evaluations and user research, as necessary. This helps ensure our products are based on designs that perform well in the real world.

A Growing Portfolio

Our investment into research and development has yielded many leading brands as well as an extensive patent portfolio. We hold over 2,700 patents and continue to increase that number by about 100 every year. Our market-leading brands include:

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