Our Brands & Core

Our Vision – Restoring People’s Lives – Has Generated a History of Innovation

We work in close partnership with the medical community to deliver products that are designed to help speed healing around the world. This involves drawing upon decades of experience with patients and their caregivers – and our own deep understanding of wound biology and pathophysiology.


Our pioneering products span the wound healing continuum. Another vital part of our work is to collect – and share – clinical evidence that supports the use of our products. Such information provides clinicians with insights into ways to improve the standard of care.


ACELITY™ products are focused on advanced wound care, including negative pressure wound therapy. Among our advanced devices and wound dressings are:

  • V.A.C.ULTA™ Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System, with V.A.C. VERAFLO™ Therapy, a negative pressure wound therapy system that also delivers topical wound solutions to and from a wound site including negative pressure wound therapy, negative pressure surgical incision management, and epidermal harvesting
  • CELLUTOME™ Epidermal Harvesting System, which harvests small areas of epidermis for skin grafts for autologous grafting
  • PROMOGRAN™ and PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Matrices, specialized dressings that help promote a moist wound environment conducive to wound healing



Serving Patients Around the World

By working alongside some of the world’s most prominent academics and clinicians, we gain direct access to patients. This gives us valuable insights into their needs. We serve patients in 90 countries, including many where advanced products are only recently becoming available.


Wherever we work, our objective is to deliver cost-effective products and techniques that help promote healing and reduce complications to transform lives for the better. This benefits patients, their caregivers and society as a whole.