Environmental Statement

Acelity takes seriously our responsibility to preserve the natural resources of the communities in which we live and work. As careful stewards of these resources, we continually strive to incorporate measures within the development, manufacture and delivery of our products and therapies that reduce the overall environmental impact of our processes and our products.

The Acelity environmental commitment includes managing our daily business operations in a manner that is regulatory compliant, energy efficient and environmentally responsible. For example we:

  • Ensure the selection and deployment of fuel efficient vehicles within our service fleet.
  • Select and use ecologically friendly cleaning materials in our global service centers.
  • Comply with all relevant global and local regulations relating to the use and
    deployment of our products in all markets we serve.
  • Continually reduce travel to minimize our carbon footprint.
  • Select suppliers geographically placed to minimize delivery distances.
  • Acelity utilizes renewable resources in the design and manufacturing of our products and in our daily business practices whenever possible.
    • At the retirement of our rental fleet products, we ensure we recycle
      the materials whenever possible.
  • Acelity implements source reduction and waste minimization best practices throughout our manufacturing process and waste disposal activities.
    • Implement recycling programs for paper, metals and glass in all Acelity global facilities.
    • Introduce initiatives to minimize the use of printed materials in our communications and record keeping.